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Apothecary Jar

  • Made of scientifically proven and patented biophotonic glass
  • Helps protect, prolong & revitalise the smell, colour, bioenergy and therapeutic properties of the natural ingredients for longer
  • Ideal for storing Herbs & Spices, Nuts & Seeds, Coffee beans, Tea leaves, Super Foods, Fine grains, Dried Fruits, Bath Salts and Massage Oils
  • Comes with an airtight glass stopper that reduces oxidisation and contamination; keeps the contents fresh and dry for longer
  • Contains no Plastics or BPA; dishwasher safe

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Capacity: 250ml

Apothecary Jar Reviews

Dilution Guide

Most websites/blogs mention about diluting essential oils before topical application. While this is correct, it is not sufficient!

Use the guide below to get started on your DIY blending journey.

Interpreting the charts

Step 1: As per age group, please take note of the recommended and maximum dilution percentages.

Step 2: Based on the amount of carrier oil, you can find the corresponding number of essential oil drops to be used to achieve the dilution you require e.g., for 1% dilution in 30ml of carrier oil, use 8 drops of same/different essential oils.


Always perform a 24 hour period patch test at the recommended dilution levels or lesser, as per the age group to check for any allergic reaction or skin sensitivities.

While the dilution percentages work for most of our essential oils, we strongly recommend that you read the safety precautions listed for each oil before you craft the blend.

Iryasa Dilution Guide for blending essential oils and carrier oils

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