Clove Bud Essential Oil

Nourish your body and spirit with 100% pure Clove Bud Essential Oil, carefully steam distilled from Malukan Clove Buds.

The sweet, spicy scent of Clove Oil wafting through the air evokes feelings of comfort and warmth - perfect for diffusing on a rainy-day.

Cloves and its essential oil have been enjoyed for over 2,000 years as a perfume, breath freshener and natural antiseptic.



Native to the Maluku Islands of Indonesia, Cloves were one of the top three spices traded and these islands came to be known as the Spice Islands to European traders. The English word “clove” actually comes from the French word for nail, “clou” - a fitting name considering the dried clove bud looks like a small nail!

Cloves have appeared in history dating as far back as 1721 BC and used by different cultures in different ways. As a herb, clove was prized for its intense sweet and warming flavour.

Whole dried cloves were valued for their pain numbing effect - chewing whole cloves was recommended as a folk medicine to relieve tooth pain. They also served as a breath freshener - according to records from 226 BC, anyone who spoke to Chinese Emperors were asked to chew cloves prior to speaking with the emperor.

The effects of clove buds, and later on, clove bud oil, were so well-known and widespread that they appear in many traditional remedies from around the world, including Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a form of natural pain reliever. When massaged into the skin, clove oil creates a warm feeling and may relieve minor aches & pains.

icon-attributes Product Attributes

Therapeutic grade


Suitable for pregnant women





icon-specifications Specifications

● Botanical Name: Syzygium aromaticum
● Family: Myrtaceae
● Aroma: Spicy
● Plant part: Bud
● Note Classification: Middle
● Extraction: Steam Distillation
● Appearance: Pale yellow to clear yellow liquid
● Usage: Aromatherapy and topical applications

icon-safety_info Safety Information

● Clove Bud Oil can cause sensitization in some individuals and should be diluted with a suitable carrier oil before use.
● Avoid using this oil during pregnancy and nursing.
● In general, essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care.
● Not for internal use, except if directed by an expert or a qualified practitioner.
● Never use undiluted essential oils near eyes or mucous membranes.
● If using essential oils directly on the skin, always dilute with an appropriate carrier oil and perform a patch test.
● Store in a dark, cool and dry place.
● Keep out of reach of children.

icon-how_to_use How to Use

Clove bud oil can be diffused undiluted to promote a warm, comforting environment.

To take advantage of its skin-warming abilities, Clove Bud Oil can be diluted with an appropriate carrier oil to create a soothing and heating massage oil.

icon-complimentary Complementary Oils

Blends well with Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Sweet Orange and Peppermint essential oils.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This oil smells so good… May I use it in place of clove buds for cooking?

While essential oils do smell tempting, it’s not recommended to ingest them without careful supervision or advice from a professional.

I have toothache - can I use Clove Bud Essential oil?

To relieve any minor toothache, a few drops of diluted clove bud oil can be applied directly to the gum at the source of the pain - if the pain persists, we advise seeing a professional.

What makes Clove Bud Oil so special?

Unique to Clove Bud Oil is a compound called Eugenol - this is what’s responsible for Clove Oil’s signature fragrance, plus all of its remedial abilities, including antiseptic and mild anaesthetic properties.