Our Ethos

At Iryasa, we firmly believe in minimalism, reducing carbon footprint & being sustainable from field to finish! We employ sustainable & ethical ingredients sourcing, non-toxic modes of processing & extraction, good manufacturing practices, fair trade and recyclable packaging.

How Our Products Work

We mindfully gather the natural ingredients that are wild-harvested herbs grown in their original nutrient-rich soils with no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. Our products are manufactured in small batches to ensure high quality.

In our ISO and GMP certified manufacturing facility, we ensure consistency, quality & safety of products in every batch. While quality & safety will never be compromised, natural ingredients with their unique & alluring textures, colours, flavours and scents may create minor variations from batch to batch.


The carefully selected ingredients undergo non-toxic modes of extraction & processing and they are readily available for efficient absorption by the skin & body.


Our extraction process & techniques further ensure easy acceptance of the pure bio-actives by the skin and body, minimising the potential for allergic reactions.


The product blends developed using our proprietary technology are synergistic and result in systemic harmony in the body.


Our formulations trigger favourable biochemical reactions that enable and drive physiological corrections in the body.

The ‘Strictly No’ Ingredients

No Parabens

It's a commonly used chemical preservative believed to alter hormone function by mimicking estrogens. While we understand the importance of preserving our products against growth of harmful bacteria & mould, we avoid all ingredients that cause harmful negative impact in the long-term.

No Mineral oils / Palm oils

Mineral oils, a derivative of petroleum, provide no skin benefits. We avoid oils sourced from non-renewable resources & prefer natural plant oils that moisturise and enhance skin health. We also avoid palm oil due to the harmful impact it causes for the people & our planet.

No Titanium dioxide

It is a bright white pigment used as a cosmetic ingredient and as a sunblock. It is unsafe when inhaled and is considered potentially carcinogenic to humans. We strictly do not want anyone who is involved in our manufacturing process to inhale this harmful chemical and therefore, we avoid titanium dioxide in our products.

No Synthetic fragrances

‘Fragrance’ represents an undisclosed mixture of many chemicals from petroleum sources, e.g. acetone, benzaldehyde, ethanol, formaldehyde & several more. We strictly avoid them & only use 100% pure essential oils that add therapeutic value alongside delectable aromas.

No Bad alcohols

We avoid ‘bad’ alcohols like isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol & denatured alcohol that provide a quick drying finish, is weightless and helps ‘de-grease’ the skin. The short term “benefits” are not worth the long-term harms such as weakened skin structure and the inability for the skin to renew itself.

No Plastic micro-beads

These tiny plastic particles found in many face scrubs & shower gels are extremely damaging for the marine life. We only use natural ingredients such as Lemon fruit juice (that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid) to impart the exfoliating properties in our products.

No Formaldehyde & Phenoxyethanol

Formaldehyde is commonly used as a preservative but is reported to be a skin irritant & is likely carcinogenic. Phenoxyethanol is another commonly used preservative in cosmetic products that also acts as a stabiliser in perfumes & soaps. Exposure to phenoxyethanol may be an eczema trigger. We avoid both these toxins.

No Silicones

Silicones give skincare products a smooth, spreadable texture, making your skin appear & feel smoother. However, in reality, these water-resistant, hydrophobic compounds clog your skin pores possibly causing acne breakouts and make your skin appear dull & dehydrated and impacts skin renewal process.