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Our skin is one of our most precious assets, as it protects our bodies from harmful elements in the environment, like UV rays, extreme cold and toxins. It’s incredibly important to keep your skin healthy and nourished so that it can carry out its important function of acting as an effective barrier. Cleansers, moisturizers, and other topical skincare products not only keep your skin healthy but also enable the skin to look its best. 

There are a lot of different skincare products that you could choose to use. And you might be on this page wondering, “What are the benefits of using natural and clean beauty products?” There is growing concern about what goes into the products we use on our body – from the food we eat to the skincare products we buy. With more and more people experiencing problems & concerns due to using skin products containing synthetic ingredients, natural beauty products are beginning to take the centre stage and are on the rise. Perhaps you have even tried some natural products but haven’t found any you liked as yet.

At Iryasa, we craft blends of nature’s best herbs, plants and edible micro-nutrients to bring about long-term benefits while being gentle on the skin. Using products that protect your skin’s health without containing the harmful and damaging chemicals, can keep your skin healthy and glowing as you grow old; something your common drugstore products may not be able to do! In this post, we’ll describe why we strongly believe that natural products are the best option for the longevity of healthy and radiant skin.

Our Skin can Absorb Products Applied on It

While the skin creates a fantastic protective barrier for us, it isn’t invincible. The skin can absorb a lot of the products we apply on it – depending on the concentration and properties (physical & chemical) of the product ingredients, skin integrity, location of application (due to varying skin thickness in different parts of the body) and duration of exposure to the product. A compromised skin barrier can let in a lot more toxins which may end up in your bloodstream. The negative effects of exposure to toxins include skin irritation, skin disease and allergy, as well as a more severe systemic impact like fatigue, headaches and mood changes. Products that remain on your skin for longer periods of time, like moisturizer, makeup, and sunscreen are more likely to be absorbed and pose a higher risk of causing skin damage.

Many common drugstore skincare products contain potentially harmful ingredients. While some countries have banned several harmful ingredients, you can still find them being used widely as they are not 'officially' and 'legally' banned. Some commonly known harmful ingredients that are still being used include parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.

Natural Beauty Products Contain Safer Ingredients

A study performed by the Environmental Working Group in 2012 revealed that the average person uses 9 different beauty products on a daily basis, which contains approximately 126 different ingredients altogether. That’s a lot of ingredients to keep track of - those that can make its way past your skin barrier and into your blood stream.

An average ‘fragrance’ ingredient used in most cosmetics contain over 14 chemicals that aren’t listed on the labels (under the pretext of being a trade secret!) and many of them are known to cause allergic reactions or are linked to hormone disruption. Shockingly, a large percentage of these chemicals are not even tested for human safety.

Overwhelming your skin with chemical ingredients may cause irritation and systemic illnesses. The body expends high amounts of energy to counter the adverse effects of these chemicals. This is why, chemical-laden skincare products may result in your skin looking more tired and also affect the skin’s ability to heal. At Iryasa, we use a unique blend of only select herbs and edible micro-nutrients that complement each other, working in synergy to replenish and nourish your skin. Studies show that whatever you apply on your skin penetrates into your skin layers and does get absorbed to a certain degree. To achieve balanced, healthy and nurtured skin, using natural, clean ingredients may be a safer alternative, when they make their way into your body.

If You Have Sensitive Skin or Allergies, Natural Products May Help

Clean and natural skincare products may work better with sensitive skin because of the absence of harsh or irritating ingredients. Natural ingredients may also be easier to understand and identify. If someone has a sensitivity or allergy to a certain ingredient, the offending ingredient can be found on the label by name and avoided.

Many common chemical ingredients in cosmetics have been shown to cause skin irritation. For example, artificial fragrances that are very commonly present in drugstore cosmetics. Fragrances happen to be one of the most common ingredients that dermatologists identify as a cause of skin problems! In the case of fragrances, companies don’t even have to disclose what chemicals go into the “fragrance”. Parabens and harsh chemical exfoliants are two other usual suspects.

On the other hand, natural ingredients are safe and clean and don’t stress out the body – when blended correctly, it becomes available for easy absorption into the body. Unless you have an identified allergy to a particular ingredient, putting a curated mix of high-quality, natural ingredients on your skin should not induce an allergic reaction and are considered safer than their chemical counterparts. However, every person is unique and react differently to different products so we always recommend performing a patch test before use of a new product.

Mother Earth Will Thank You

Currently, the environment is at serious risk, and green-focused companies/establishments and consumers are doing best what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for your skincare regime, using products with natural, clean and sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging materials can go a long way in protecting the Earth for our future generations.

How ingredients are sourced can have a big impact on the environment. For example, large-scale harvesting of palm oil, which is used in a wide variety of consumer goods, is a major cause for deforestation and a danger to the survival of certain animal species. Iryasa is dedicated to ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients for its products.

Natural products are also gentler on the environment when they are discarded as these mostly contain biodegradable ingredients. Chemicals in beauty, skincare and health products can have severe negative consequences on the ecology of the local area where these chemicals maybe discarded or flushed away into the local waters and land regions. While the term “clean” skincare may be thrown around a lot, what we mean when we say “clean” is that the product brings nature’s pure goodness to you with minimal to no negative effect on the environment, is responsibly sourced and has no negative impact on the skin & body.

For the Healthiest Skincare Routine, Choose Natural, Clean and Sustainable

Natural and clean products give the most benefit with the least risk, giving your skin the chance to be the healthiest it can be – and that’s something worth investing in. On top of being better for your skin overall, clean products are also better for the environment and planet. At Iryasa, we responsibly source our product ingredients, choose them for their purity, high-quality and efficacy, blend them in an effective and harmonious way that enhances body and skin health.

Check out our list of products to see how you can take advantage of naturally invigorating ingredients that are scientifically proven to work for you while caring for the planet.